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follow my Twitter guys : @bryanaphe !
  • Listening to: random jazz, hiphop thingy
  • Watching: Cougar town
  • Drinking: mineral water - dieting LOL
Yup, dear fellow deviants.... I'm officially graduated from my high school !!! exaggerated happy, madness happy !!!! finally left my fuckin-boring-fat teacher event though feel sad leaving my friends behind :(
Good news are i've got 4 months off holiday !!!! yay.... i gonna updated my deviant art a lot i hope, since theres a lot off spare time, so wait for my other deviation ok ?!!! cheers
  • Listening to: Ke$ha, Pitbull
  • Watching: Flash forward
  • Drinking: mineral water - dieting LOL
hey guys please vote for my photo....
i've just competing in photography competition, so please vote my photo through here :…
Thx alot !!
  • Listening to: Pixie lott
  • Drinking: Green tea Frap
i will updating new deviants soon....
wit until my laptop fixed, the laptop crash so i need time to renewing the software and installed photoshop into it
  • Listening to: Pixie lott
  • Eating: Meatballs !!!
  • Drinking: Dark Cherry Mocha
been busy since i launched my first store, it's kinda complicated yet fun...
i'm selling handmade accessories, check it out
visit guys, or you will regret it..
for international shipping , i will inform the shipping cost later
just email me at
or note me here, thx everyone
  • Listening to: lala land-demi lovato
  • Watching: Knight Rider lately
  • Eating: Coin beff bruschetta
  • Drinking: Fruit Punch-minus 2
opening soon !!
Fashion puff online store, we are selling handmade accessories...
just visit :
we provide delivery access, but for the moment
we just provide delivery service for Jakarta residences
so, check the blog out !!!
  • Listening to: Tunjukkan cintamu-ran
  • Drinking: Quickly
even though i crashed my car yesterday and felt so terrible...
its quite a miracle for today, its been my fav days of the year
i got everything, im glad and felt bless
for everything that happened,
thx god for everything..
  • Playing: my newest gadget
  • Drinking: Raspberry Latte
sorry for the lack of journal update...
im just confused with my journal,
recently i've been busy with my school things
such as exam, school project, and many others
actually theres a bunch of new deviations, but don't have enough time
and my internet connection are totally insane
  • Listening to: poker face,just dance-lady gaga
  • Watching: push,confession of a shoppaholic, marley&me
  • Eating: Lamien Cah chiang
  • Drinking: Raspberry Latte
eventhought i didn't win, but i'm pretty proud of my self
it doesn's mean that im narcist or sumthing
but i can get through to top 50 for 3600 photos than have been submitted
that't quite incredible i think,heheheh
not just that, i can get new friend also and get more experience
such a nice event....
( the photo i will upload next time )
  • Listening to: nuansa bening-vidi
  • Watching: mercedes-benz fascination week
  • Eating: oyster resto
  • Drinking: strawberry flavoured tea
because im busy with my school activities recently, so i can't upload another deviation,huhuhuhuhuhu
and finally tomorrow is the last day !
so next week i will try make a new deviation..
just wait ! thx
  • Listening to: anonymous
  • Watching: st cup
  • Playing: gb
  • Eating: hay thien
  • Drinking: strawberry milk ( Cimory )
yeah, as usual school are boring..
but, lately i've been busy for the cup
that my school represent...
ah, make a lot of stuff using adobe...
i'm tired enough... ( poster,nametag,etc)
huh... ineed a break !!!
  • Listening to: hot n cold-katy perry
  • Watching: make it happen
  • Playing: gb
  • Eating: lays-sushi flavour
  • Drinking: decaff vanilla latte
Thx everyone finally i can reach 1000 page views !!!!
thx for the support and some advices
im trying to get better with all my project, i promise
i wish i can move forward, thx again for the support
from you guys, appreciate !!
  • Listening to: pernah muda-bcl
  • Reading: forsel
  • Watching: heroes
  • Playing: my e63
  • Eating: padang food
  • Drinking: lemon tea
holiday is over, so back to daily routines....
as so on my holiday pictures are in process
and some of them already set, just need time
to submit some of them
enjoy !!!
any comments are accepted
  • Listening to: pernah muda-bcl
  • Reading: a+
  • Watching: transporter 3, uda telat kan....
  • Playing: iphone (heheheh)
  • Eating: doner kebab
  • Drinking: caramel machiato
after 2 weeks of exam, finally its all over,,,
im so happy !!!!! yiippiieee.....
hope i get a good grade, wish me luck >.<
and now im waiting for 21 dec,hehehehhehe
now i want to spend my time wandering at town,
  • Listening to: whatever you like- nicolescherzinger ft TI
  • Watching: twilight
  • Playing: ipod nano
  • Eating: chicken mozzarella
  • Drinking: Lemon Water
Stressed !!!!!!2 more days of my exam...
my headache gonna explode, wish i can skip time !!!!!!
waiting for Christmas....
  • Listening to: Christmas album
  • Playing: continue drawing my design picture
  • Eating: fried rice
  • Drinking: green tea, yummie !!
next week is my exam week,
lot of subject makes me headache im gonna died over the week
need help !!!!!!!!
  • Listening to: weird music
  • Playing: drawing my design picture
  • Eating: chinese
  • Drinking: ice tea
im in deep boring mode since 3  days ago,
i don't know why but i feel bored easily
can't wait for Christmas !!!
long time to go...huh
just wait and wait i guess
  • Listening to: nothing
  • Reading: none
  • Watching: 90210
  • Playing: computer
  • Eating: kfc
  • Drinking: Green Tea
i've got nothing to do today, just sleep, play, eat...
preparing for my exam next week...
kinda boring though, but that all i can do for today.
not, actually im helping my sister to updated her blogs
just check it out :…
comment accepted--
that's all !
  • Watching: Amazing Race Asia
  • Playing: computer
  • Eating: Fried Rice
  • Drinking: Green Tea
tired.... my back many task to do...
btw, congrats fel !!!
its dream come true !!!
  • Listening to: Lucky - Jason mraz
  • Watching: HBO
  • Eating: Fried wonton